• Nolé

    We're a plastic-free, clean, effective, woman-powered company with one and only mission: help everyone rock their most beautiful hair, naturally. 
  • Palm

    Palm offers a unique, responsible take on swim and resort wear that celebrates the diverse forms of femininity, and ways of 'being' a woman. Inspir...
  • Hemper

    We are Hemper, a regenerative brand of backpacks and other accessories handmade using hemp as our main material. We work with artisans on the outsk...
  • Calle Del Mar

    Non-seasonal Knitwear made in California. Calle Del Mar is a locally made, independently owned, woman-run business. 

    Organic cotton socks made in Portugal & Japan. The quality, in every aspect, and care for mother nature is our number one priority. Like the Un...
  • Anna October

    Anna October design aspires women to perceive oneself happily and courageously. It is a brand contribution to the female empowerment movement – by ...
  • Kindia Beauty

    Embracing the beauty from different cultures, learnings and experiences, we created KINDIA - a brand that meets you where you are as you are.
  • Uni

    We are the future of your body care. Close-looped. Aluminum. Single-use plastic free. Refillable. Reusable. High-performance. Marine-powered hydrat...
  • OLAS

    OLAS is inspired by the healing power of the ocean and the beauty of a natural smile. We blend the dental expertise with a passion for the surf to ...
  • Ahluwalia

    Ahluwalia represents the intersection between near and far, past and present. The label combines elements from the designer's dual Indian-Nigerian ...
  • Bourii

    Bourii body oils are intentional and functional. Developed with experts in the fields of Ayurveda, ethnobotany, and aromatherapy, each multipurpose...
  • Bethany Williams

    Bethany Williams is the namesake brand of Bethany Williams, a London based designer from the Isle of Man. Each item produced by Bethany Williams is...


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