Our 3/3 metric looks at the who what why behind every brand.

[1] Who founded the company

We believe that founders are the heart and soul of a companies values and ethos and its important to know who they are and what they stand for. We also believe that systemic racism exists and know that many times the playing field in raising capital and seeing growth is skewed. We look for founders who are minorities, game-changers, industry disruptors, creatives, forward thinkers, who are empathetic, have integrety, and truly believe in what they are creating and putting out in the world.

[2] What quality product(s) they’re making

A products are created every day–there is no lack of new products out there but we do believe there is still a slimmer selection of products that are not wasteful and made to last. We look for products that are quality, intentional, problem solving, bespoke, artisinal, hand crafted, ethically sourced and created to help go back to the way things should be made. We believe that terms ike “minoroity owned, sustainable, eco” do not mean “cheap, less than or not quality. We are just here to help showcase them.

[3] why investing in this brand makes an impact

Great founder, great product - but how? This question holds equal weight if not the most. We carry brands by founders who really care about the imprint their product is making on the world from manufacturing, sourcing, supply chain, carbon footprint, and going a step further, to their giveback models, company culture, and sustainability efforts.

The best, value driven and minority owned brands you won’t find on amazoogle.


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