Q&A: Meet Carina Chaz, of Dedcool

What are 3 core values that you associate with your brand?

Accessibility, Sustainability, Inclusivity.

Where are your products made?

Los Angeles, California.

Who would you say are muses for your brand?

Childish Gambino, AKA Donald Glover

What one word do you feel best describes the culture of your company?


What made you get into fragrances specifically?

I’ve always been obsessed with fragrance. It's not only beauty, but how you express yourself and your individuality. So I’ve always been drawn to fragrance specifically in the beauty space.

What does non-toxic mean when it comes to your fragrances?

We don’t use any chemicals in our products, everything is biodegradable and sustainably produced.

What kind of impact would you like your brand to have; whether environmentally or socially?

Socially, we really highlight in content AND customer base, all kinds of people and we celebrate their uniqueness. Environmentally, we want to leave as little impact as possible. We like to keep the planet in mind, which is why we are 1% for the planet and carbon neutral.

Why is brand transparency important?

Because our pillars fully hold us to who we are as a company and we want people to really think about what they are purchasing environmentally but also being aware of the ingredients they put on their skin.

What sustainability challenges does your brand face?

The industry hasn't really caught up to where we need to be, so we as a company have to do everything within our power to reduce the use of single use plastic and unnecessary packaging.

Is there a brand you try to emulate in terms of sustainability/give back practices?

Not one brand in particular. We like to look at brands we partner with, but there is no one specific brand we try to emulate.


What other sustainable practices do you try to implement in your life?

I try to reduce the amount of water and electricity I use. I try to not drive on the weekends. I mostly shop second hand, never fast fashion. I just try to think about all the ways I can reduce waste in my daily life.

What are 3 words that best describe your personal shopping style?

Casual, Comfy, Cool.

You mention inclusivity in your brand ethos, what does that mean to you?

That to us means highlighting all kinds of people. How they identify in our branding as well as everything to do with celebrating our consumers. Really showing them there is a product that is inclusive in the way you express how uniquely you, you are.

Salty or sweet?


Current song on repeat?

I really like Track Uno from Kaytranada, I’ve been listening to that a lot.

Currents brands you are crushing on?

I really like Outdoor Voices, I know they're not a new brand, but I’ve just been wearing their clothes like everyday.

Why join essio?

Because I want to be part of an everlasting community that focuses on all of the pillars our brand was built on.



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